Sunday, September 6, 2009

monster suker makan cheeseburger

monster mmg suker cheeseburger..
lg2 klu double cheeseburger..
lg dier suker...

nper dier suker cheeseburger?
sbb dier kter cheeseburger sedap..
nper sedap??
entah!tnyer la monster..

if letak toasted twister,
if letak big mc,
if letak mc flurry,
dier still choose cheeseburger..

cheeseburger mcd??
bkn la...
cheeseburger lain...

he said,"xleh tgk cheeseburger..geram"
nper dier geram??
tnyer la monster..

monster said,"if can nk simpan jer cheeseburger nie"
tp td dier said xleh tgk cheeseburger kn?
pelik la monster nie...

nper nk simpan??
tanyer la monster...

monster said,"cheeseburger nie ader satu jer.."
xder aper boleh ganti..
sweet kn??
look like he really love cheeseburger..

who is cheeseburger??
is that really fast food.??
is that really from mcd..??

wanna know who is cheeseburger??
tanyer monster la..
coz he know the real thing..

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